License Agreement

Dear client:

Please read this agreement carefully before downloading any Image(s) and/or content. By downloading any Image, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement, Privacy Policy and Website Terms of Use.

If you do not agree to these Terms of Service which may be revised and/or updated from time to time, do not download or use any Images.

Royalty-Free License

Royalty Free or RF, refers to the right to use copyrighted material or intellectual property without the need to pay royalties or license fees for each use or per volume sold.


You can download the image(s) in three ways

1. Purchase image from the Shop

Upon purchasing the image, the buyer is given Royalty-Free license for use subject to the terms stated below. Other images or versions such as watermarked, and non-watermarked thumbnails that appears on the website are all copyrighted. Visit the image Shop.

2. Free Download

Free image available through “Tweet to Download” or download page given by and some, but not all guest photographers is considered royalty free image, however subject to the terms stated in this agreement. When using free image, you are required to provide a link back to including the name of the photographer in your project wherever it is applicable.

3. Energy Exchange

Energy Exchange works like a barter system to be able to download image for free. This apply to some, but not all images.  For details, read Energy Exchange.



Use of Royalty Free Images

The high resolution image(s) that are downloaded under Royalty Free (RF) license may be used in the following ways subject to the limitations stated in this agreement.

Use image as part of website layout, design, and content, opt-in email marketing that must be solicited and not spamming in any manner, e-book, e-cards, electronic brochure, catalogue, electronic adverts, software background for display provided that the image has a resolution that does not exceed 800 pixels in width and further provided that the images are NOT made available for sale or download by you or others.  Guest artists or photographers remain to be the copyright holder of the image.

Use image as fine art prints in magazine, newspaper, textbook, book or booklet, book cover, brochure, flyer, brochure, pamphlet, catalog, letterhead, business card, poster, packaging, CD/DVD cover, greeting card, postcard, canvas, t-shirt, mug, calendar, mouse pad and other promotional materials for personal, commercial or non-profit use and display provided that the materials such as paper, plastics, and metal are verified to be recyclable and/or recycled materials and do not cause the act of cutting trees, or combining chemical compounds to produce new plastic and metal. If the image is printed on recycled or recyclable materials, there is no limit on the number of re-print. If the image is printed on newly produced medium from raw materials, a re-print of not more than 10 copies for personal use and product sampling is allowed. Otherwise, do not purchase from as the damage caused on the environment by producing such materials is not tolerated.

Use image as incorporated artwork into multimedia presentations such as film and video for internet and/or television broadcast, theatrical display, advertisement, corporate or educational presentation, distribution and/or sale in the home video market subject to the terms stated in this agreement.


Limitations :

You may not use image other than as specified above.

You may not claim that the image is your own, use or display an image in a manner that gives the impression that the image was created by you or the person other than the copyright holder of the image. Selling, licensing for use, or in any way distributing the digital file of the image itself is prohibited. Guest artists or photographers remain to be the copyright holder of the image. Buying the high-resolution image does not transfer the copyright.

You may not use the image that is involved in sensitive subjects such as pornography, violence, unlawful immoral and offensive content.

You may not use the image that support the following products or services : tobacco, adult entertainment for escort or dating services, political campaign, meat products, non-organic commercial food, pharmaceutical or any medical products except organic herbal supplements, organic food, natural and traditional organic educational materials, and other natural alternative remedies.

You may not use the image in subjects that involves negativity, hate, contempt, deception or any damaging effect to any individual, group, company, country, religion or race.


Re-sell License does not give re-sell license to anyone. To obtain the rights to re-sell the image, please contact directly the photographer of the image through this page Any agreement made between you and any of the guest photographer regarding re-sell license will be outside of  If the photographer agreed to grant you the re-sell license, he/she will notify to remove the image for display or for sale within 3 days of purchase of the image. Buyer must take into account potential past downloads made for the image and choose it.



In the event that the digital delivery that you purchased failed or the file become corrupted, missing or wrong , contact immediately through email stating the problem, the photograph title, your name, email, paypal transaction detail, and other transaction details. shall send the uncorrupted and correct image file(s) that you have purchased. Please check your spam folders first in case it missed your inbox delivery before reporting such problem.

If a Model or Property release is available in our database, a proof of its existence shall be forwarded to the buyer upon request. However the MR or PR will not be disclosed to respect the privacy of the photographer and the model or property owner.


For more questions please do not hesitate to email us at

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