Energy Exchange

This is an attempt to introduce a system that does not involve money. May this  initiative become successful  so we can gradually move on to a completely money-free world. do barter by exchanging high resolution photographs with the following:  (Please note that this may or may not include artworks from guest photographers.)

1. Crediting or mentioning the photographer’s name and the website when displaying the images via web or print media in your non-profit, educational or commercial projects.

2. Sharing your knowledge, skills or services that me and my team could make use of in our projects. If your skills or services does not match our needs, we will find someone in our community who can benefit from it, specially those who cannot afford training expenses but posses intelligence and passion.

3. Helping in healing the environment, humanity, animal kingdom or spiritual consciousness in the planet. Let us know about your project(s) and we will be more than happy to share our photographs that are aligned with your theme.

This list will be updated as we progress. If you have suggestions, kindly let us know.


Some photographers do take events photographs for free when available, and if provided with transportation, food & accommodation in far-off locations.  If you are looking for standard professional service, please see our guest photographers page.

Please note that online purchases help us cover the cost of hosting fees which can be very expensive depending on the downloads.

Please fill out the form in the contact page to relay your message. Thank you.


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